Bomas Of Kenya

Mr. George Juma Odeng’ Rep - Principal Secretary, State Department for Culture and Heritage

Mr. Ondeng' is a cultural heritage professional with a background in cultural preservation, international development, and community engagement. He holds a Master's degree in Cultural Heritage and International Development from the University of East Anglia (UK). In the board, Mr. Odeng’ sits as the alternate to the PS, Ms. Ummi Bashir. Prior to his position as the advisor to the PS, Mr. Odeng’ was the Assistant Director for Antiquities, Sites, and Monuments - Western Region at the National Museums of Kenya. His responsibilities included overseeing and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the Western Region, ensuring the protection of antiquities, sites, and monuments for future generations.
Mr. Odeng’ is also a founding member of the International Inventories Programme, an innovative research and database project launched in 2018. This international initiative investigates Kenyan objects held in museums and heritage institutions worldwide. Mr. Odeng’ is also actively engaged in projects related to restitution, including the Shifting Grounds Project (2020-2022). This project collaborates directly with Kenyan communities to document intangible knowledge around objects currently housed in two German museums, RJM Cologne and WKM Museum in Frankfurt.
Beyond his expertise in cultural heritage, Mr. Odeng’ is involved in environmental conservation initiatives. He works on assessing the environmental value of biodiversity and ecological goods and services, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable practices. He continues to be a driving force in the preservation of cultural heritage, promoting international collaboration, and advocating for sustainable development practices.

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