Bomas Of Kenya

Mrs. Sarah Juma Odunga (46) Director

Mrs. Odunga joined the Board of Directors of Bomas of Kenya on 23rd June 2023. She holds Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Tangaza University and a Diploma in Counselling Psychology from Amani Counselling Centre. She has also undertaken a variety of professional certifications particularly in the field of counselling psychology and education. This includes Certificate in Counselling Psychology, Positive Psychology, Teachers on Trainers (ToT) and Spirituality.
Mrs. Odunga has previously served as counsellor in various capacities including prison counsellor at Nairobi West Men Prison, guidance counsellor at Lenana School and a mental health counsellor at Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute. Her career as a counsellor reflects her dedication to improving the lives of individuals in various settings. Mrs. Odunga is well experienced in psychology and her background makes her particularly aligned to ethical considerations in decision-making.

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